terms and conditions

Private Membership Arrangement

The 'dating4grownups' Private Client Membership is only available for men and women over the age of 40. There is no upper age limit. The management reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone that they do not feel is suitable for membership of dating4grownups.' The membership commences following the initial dating consultation and payment of the agreed fee. The term of the initial membership is by negotiation and agreement between the parties during the consultation meeting. The fee paid is fully inclusive of all charges and no further payment will be requested during the agreed membership term. On expiry renewal of membership is offered but subject to the managements discretion. The renewal term and fee is again by negotiation and agreement between the parties.'dating4grownups' undertake to source personal introductions based as far as possible on the information obtained during the personal consultation at the outset of the membership. We do not offer either a minimum or maximum amount of introductions. However, we will liaise with members on an ongoing basis during the membership term and use all our professional expertise to facilitate members ‘new opposite sex meetings’ requirements as and when needed. We offer no guarantees that any introduction we suggest will be successful and result in a relationship of any sort. Members are not obliged to talk to or meet any suggested introductions. We do not offer whole or part refunds under any circumstances whatsoever to any member during the term or at any other time in the future once the membership term has expired. We do not take any responsibility whatsoever as to any problem situation, unsocial behavior or dispute that may arise between the two introduced and dating parties. Once we have made the introductions and the parties are happy to meet together and date each other, whatever then occurs further in that relationship is purely a matter for the two individuals at any time present or future.

The consultation deposit is included in the membership fee and will only be forfeited if membership is not taken up. And in line with current consumer legislation, there is a 14 day cancellation period following payment, where the full payment minus the consultation fee will be credited.

We do not retain any payment card information whatsoever, after a transaction. Profile details are not computerised and are destroyed following the expiry of the membership. We are fully compliant with data protection regulation. known as GDPR.

For further information please contact David Mintz by email or telephone. d.mintz@kcdating.co.uk or david@dating4grownups.co.uk .... 01728 635064 or 07986 213120